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Alyawarr dictionary
E Girlz - 'Wutunugurra'
E Girlz - 'Wutunugurra'


Alyawarr culture has survived colonialisation and remains the foundation for our future.

Alyawarr lands were one region in the Northern Territory that were not infiltrated by missionaries. The maintenance of social and family structures, as is evidenced by the prevalence of outstations throughout the lands has protected us from the ravages of colonisation.

Alyawarr language is commonly spoken across our lands and it is important to maintain it as a central part of our school curriculum. IAD Press has produced and published the Alyawarr Picture Dictionary and the Alyawarr Colouring Book. NB: the Alyawarr to English Dictionary that was published in 1992 is being currently being updated and is expected to be published later this year. Along with other resources that hae been produced in recent times, such as Angka Akatyerr akert: A Desert raisin report, these can be used in our education system.

Alyawarr art is world renowned. Artists of Ampilatwatja is a locally owned business which features some great works of art. Further to it being an enterprise for many Alyawarr people, art is a key aspect to maintaining and strengthening our culture.

Alyawarr law is still practiced, however this is not formally recognised within the Australian legal system. For more discussion on this, click here.

Our connection to land is paramount. For more information, click here.

Ultimately, we believe that these issues can only be resolved through a Treaty.