Alyawarr Ingkerr-wenh


Carbon farming

The Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) is a government scheme to encourage carbon projects on land. Projects may include reducing emissions from savanna fires, feral animals and livestock, or increasing the amount of carbon that is stored in trees and rangelands.

The CFI is basically a financial incentive to reduce carbon emissions coming from the land if you follow the rules for a project and reduce carbon emissions you can receive carbon credits which you can sell to businesses.

Renewable energy

With an abundance of sunshine, a disperse population and governments that are seeking to slash funding for diesel-reliant outstations, solar and wind energy is an ever increasing option for replacing non-renewable energy on Alyawarr land.

Indigenous Essential Services (IES) Pty Ltd is currently contracted by the Northern Territory Government to provide electricity services to 72 major Indigenous communities and 57 outstations to 2016. Among other things, it provides a 45kW wind energy power system at Alpurrurulam. For more information, click here.