Alyawarr Ingkerr-wenh

A brief history

Dreamtine - 1965 | 1966 - present

DreamtimeCreation of super-beings and land;
1835Batman's treaty with Wurundjeri elders of the area around the future Melbourne is rejected;
1836South Australian Letters Patent;
1840Treaty of Waitangi;
1860White explorer, John McDouall Stuart, crosses Central Australia;
1863Northern Territory annexed to South Australia per Letters Patent;
1872First pastoral leases in the Northern Territory;
1873Aborigines attack Barrow Creek Telegraph Station, which is near Alyawarr land; reprisals follow over the next two months;
1877Charles Winnecke's expedition traverses the Barkly region, including Alyawarr lands, and are the first Europeans to come into contact with Alyawarr people;
1911South Australia transfers the Northern Territory to the Commonwealth;
1926Conniston Massacre: Conniston Station is adjacent to Alyawarr land; brutality towards Aborigines across the Barkly by white settlers was common during this period (MacDonald Downs and Utopia were a couple of exceptions);
1920s & 1930sSandover region was subdivided for pastoral leases;
Many Alyawarr people from the west seek refuge and work at Lake Nash Station; the last patri-lineal members of the Pwelany countries hand over responsibility for the area before they die to the now resident senior Alyawarr people;
Brothers Trot and Sonny Kunoth took up the Utopia pastoral lease;
Children of 'mixed blood' started to be removed in accordance with Commonwealth Government policies;
1940Nugget Morton (who was connected to the Conniston Massacre) leases Ammaroo Station;
1949Banjo Morton, and six other Aboriginal stockmen walk off Lake Nash Station to until it is agreed that they be paid one pound per month;
1965North Australian Workers Union successfully apply for Northern Territory pastoralists to pay award wages to Aboriginal stockmen; their labour is subsequently substituted with non-Aboriginal labour;