Alyawarr Ingkerr-wenh

Ooratippra Consent Determination
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Alyawarr country extends to around 50,000 square kilometres across the Barkly. The land is central to our social wellbeing and key to our economic prosperity.

We are seeking to hold all of our lands in fee simple, in the same way as the Nisga'a Nation in Canada now does, per the Nisga'a Final Agreement. The Final Agreement provides for the transfer of 1992 square kilometres of land to the Nisga'a, comprising Crown Land and previous Reserve land. All lands owned by the Nisga'a are no longer considered 'reserve lands'. They are managed by the Nisga'a Land Registry. Land already owned in fee simple, and lands subject to leases or licences were not included in the transfer. The Nisga'a own all subsurface resources on Nisga'a Lands.

To view a map showing the different types of land-holdings on Alyawarr land, click here.

We already hold some sizable tracts of inalienable freehold land under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act (Cth) 1976 (ALRA). For more information, click here.

Much of the Crown land on our lands is now Pastoral Lease: Northern Territory legislation provides for pastoral lease excisions and Community Living Areas for Aboriginal people who live on them. For more discussion about the pastoral leases, click here.

Our Native Title rights can also be recognised over pastoral leases and Crown land through the Native Title Act (Cth) 1993. Kaytetye Alyawarr Awenyerraperte Ingkerr-wenh Aboriginal Corporation was established at the end of 2011 to act as a Native Title Representative Body for the Kaytetye and Alyawarr peoples. For more information, click here.

Ooratippra Station is now owned by Ooratippra Aboriginal Corporation, whose membership is made up of Alyawarr people from Alpurrurulam and Ampilatwatja. To view an ABC article on Ooratippra, click here. Re a Native Title consent determination, click here. A native title consent determination for exclusive possession of Ooratippra pastoral lease was handed down by Justice Reeves at a special sitting of the Federal Court at Ooratippra on 5 May 2011; for more information, click here.