Alyawarr Ingkerr-wenh

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Picking bush plums
Picking bush plums

Aboriginal Freehold Land

Alyawarr people also hold some sizable tracts of inalienable freehold land under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act (Cth) 1976 (ALRA). Title is held by Irrmarne ALT (on Ooratippra Station); the Angarapa and Alyawarra Aboriginal Land Trusts (formerly Utopia Station and some adjacent unalienated Crown Land that was converted to Aboriginal Land Title Land in 1976); and the Anurrete Aboriginal Land Trust (2,065 square kilometres of land near Hatches Creek). The Ampilatwatja excision is also ALRA Land.

The Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) purchased Ooratippra PPL in May 1999 after years of lobbying by native title holders who wanted title and the ability to run their own cattle business on their own land.Title was transferred to the Ooratippra Aboriginal Corporation in October 2000.

While ALRA land is inalienable, section 19A was inserted into the ALRA around 2007 to provide for long-term leasing and economic development. The Office of Township Leasing has been established to assist with this process and hold leases. Unfortunately, our ability to pursue such leases appears to have been compromised by the NTER compulsory five year leases.

The politicisation of the ALRA has given us reason to have our lands that are currently goverened by the Act to be returned to us in fee simple, through the agency of a Treaty.