Alyawarr Ingkerr-wenh

Media Release

Call for Prime Minister to negotiate a treaty

Alyawarr leader and spokesman for Apmer Aharreng-arenykenh Aknganenty Aboriginal Corporation, Richard Downs has written to Prime Minister Tunbull, calling for a treaty to be negotiated between the Australian Government and the Alyawarr people, following a process similar to the modern treaty negotiation process in British Columbia Canada.

The six-stage treaty negotiation process that has been established in British Columbia involves:

  1. Statement of Intent to Negotiate
  2. Readiness To Negotiate
  3. Negotiation Of a Framework Agreement
  4. Negotiation Of An Agreement In Principle
  5. Negotiation to Finalize a Treaty
  6. Implementation of the Treaty

As part of stage 1, Apmer Aharreng-arenykenh Aknganenty Aboriginal Corporation is seeking Government support for the development of a statement of intent, which will:

Expression of support for Aboriginal treaties has increased in recent times in response to the Recognise campaign, including calls for a treaty by the Yolngu in East Arnhem, a willingness by the Victorian Government to enter into treaty talks with Victorian Aboriginal peoples and the Greens’ open letter to the Prime Minister calling for consideration of a treaty process alongside the push for Indigenous recognition in the constitution.

"The mal-administration of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy should ring alarm bells with the Prime Minister and prompt him to enter into a treaty dialogue with us and others” Downs said.

30 March 2016
For more information, telephone Richard Downs on 0457 636 513 or e-mail him at