Alyawarr Ingkerr-wenh

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With the return of our lands under a treaty, consistent with Article 15 of ILO 169 we would seek to own all mineral resources on or under Alyawarr land. This is what the Nisga'a have negotiated with the Canadian and British Columbian governments in relation to their lands.

Mining operations have the potential to provide significant revenues to Alyawarr people. There is already significant mining activity occuring on Alyawarr land.

For an overview of the mining and development agreement making process on ALT land,click here.

Hatches Creek has long been a lucrative mine site with attention not being paid to gold and tungsten deposits.

In 2003, the National Native Title Tribunal delivered a future act determination by consent permitting the grant of an exploration licence. The consent determination enables international exploration company, De Beers Australia Exploration Limited, to proceed with plans to drill for diamond deposits in a 1,150 sq km area in the Sandover Locality with the consent of the Alyawarr People.

Rum Jungle Resources (RJR) proposes to develop a phosphate mine located approximately 200 km southeast of Tennant Creek and 300 km north-east of Alice Springs on the Ammaroo Pastoral Lease in the Northern Territory. The Ammaroo Phosphate Project involves the open-cut mining of shallow phosphate deposits, the beneficiation of that ore and the transport of it to markets. It covers over 280km of strike of the northwestern neck of the highly prospective southern Georgina Basin.