Alyawarr Ingkerr-wenh


There are many outstations on Alyawarr land; these include, Irrultja, Arawerr, Welere, Atnwengerrp, Irrmarne, Indaringinya, Ngkwarlerlanem, Inkawenyerre, Amengernterneah (Utopia Clinic, Urapuntja), Atheley, Iylentye, Artekerr, Inkwelaye, Arlparra (Utopia Store, Urapuntja), Illeuwurru, Imangkerr, Alepeywenh (Hatches Creek), Imparenth, Atnarara, Atneltyey, Pungalindum (Alparrinya), Tommyhawk Swamp, Ankerrapw (Old Utopia Homestead), Camel camp, Wutunugurra (Epanarra), Canteen Creek (Orwairtilla) and Kalpitapta, .

Most of these preside on Aboriginal Land Trust (ALT) land (including Alyawarr ALT, Angarapa ALT, Arurrete ALT and Irmane ALT). To view their locations on a map, click here.

Outstations play an important part in individual and community functioning. To view an ABC article from 2009 with further discussion on this issue, click here. Also, the Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney organisation has compiled a good overview of the outstations movement in the Northern Territory; to view it, click here.

There is acceptance that outstations have significant health and social benefits for Alyawarr and Anmatyerr people living around Utopia, including:

Despite these benefits, the Commonwealth Government has been loath to fund them. Around the time of the introduction of the Northern Territory Emergency Response, the Commonwelath withdrew from funding responsibility by handing it to the Northern Territory Government with a one-off additional payment. To view the CLC/NLC call for the Commonwealth to scrap plans to hand over permanent responsibility for municipal and essential services for outstations to the dysfunctional and welfare dependent NT Government, click here.

The Northern Territory Department of Community Services has a 'Homelands Policy' and currently offers a Homelands Extra Allowance of up to $5,200 per dwelling and will allow families to improve their living conditions on homelands; for more information, click here. There is concern that it will follow suit with Western Australia and South Australia in reducing support for the maintenance of outstations.

A Treaty would allow us to prioritise the maintenance of outstations and their development, with the aid of solar-power technologies and fibre-optic/satellite communications.