Alyawarr Ingkerr-wenh

Our region

The Alyawarr language region encompasses an area along Sand over Hwy to north east of Alice Springs between Angarrapa Aboriginal Land Trust (Utopia) in the west and Alpurrurulam (Lake Nash) and the QLD boarder in the east. Canteen Creek and Epenarra in north and potentially as far south as Irrelir Community on the Plenty Hwy.

This potential extend of Alyawarr region is defined by the Alyawarr on basis of two principals: the Identification of traditionally Alyawarr territories, or countries, and associated landholding groups, and other communities with predominantly Alyawarr speaking populations which are located on traditionally non-Alyawarr Countrys (such as Alpurrurulam/Lake Nash, Canteen Creek, and Epenarra).

The Alyawarr heartland which encompasses an area traditionally identified as Alyawarr stretches approximately from eastern Angarrapa ALT in west into Argadargada Station in east, and from Anurrete ALT in north to Dulcie Ranges in South. Within this area are contained 15 Alyawarr countries”,ie. Particular territories, each of which is associated with particular patri-lineal descent group, or family.

In addition there are number of countries which) are identified today as Alyawarr, although it is acknowledged that they were not traditionally associated with Alyawarr Territory, or which are identified as mix-up countries’, ie. Which have more than one language affiliation, senior Alyawarr men include these countries in the Alyawarr Region on the basis of a) close ceremonial and Dreaming relationships, b) close family relationships through past and current inter-marriage, and c) predominant language spoken family members is Alyawarr.

The area east of Argadargada homestead to Queensland border (Lake Nash area) IS an area where Alyawarr possess traditional rights through process of succession’ to previous landholding groups. This area traditionally was occupied by the Pwelany (Bulanya, Blarnu, Yeroinga) language group and encompasses the following Pwelany countries: Ilperrelhanem, Mita, Malarrarr and Arkert-arket. In the 1920s and 1930s, when Alyawarr refugees from the west sought refuge and work at Lake Nash Station the last patri-lineal members of Pwelany countires died, handing over responsibility for the area to now the senior Alyawarr people, for the purpose of the project this region is glossed as Lake Nash area’ as most people with responsibility for the Pwelany countries are residence there.

Preliminary maps have been prepared, depicting: the Alyawarr language region; Native Title determination DCD 2014/010; Native Title determination DCD 2011/001; Alyawarr communities; land tenure; the Barkly Shire region; and Community Living Areas.

Boundaries are to be settled during the treaty negotiation process.